VERSES is a Christian Electronic trio. While all members of the band have much experience in other genres of music, they have made their way into this particular group through the avenue of ‘calling’ as much as passion. VERSES was birthed out of a conviction that Luke, the key songwriter of the group, had after trying to grasp the meaning of many of the lyrics to modern Christian Music. So whilst on a trip, taken by the three, to NYC in the summer of 2013 the songwriting process began. There was so much about the city and the spiritual journey they were on that caused them to write the “modern day memory verse”.

The vision for the band is simply, to put scripture back into song but without loosing any of the quality of the music. Luke says “we want our music to be able to stand next to any song on secular radio and be as good or if not better than what is being played”. VERSES believes that God’s word is powerful and that when it is sent out, it will do exactly what it was sent to do. With that in mind, the trio have endeavoured to make all of their music free, releasing their songs only through free streaming or downloading platforms.

Single Listing

2016   All Things
2017   Your Love
2017   Be The Light

Album Listing

2017   EP1

Their music can can be found on SoundCloud and on

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