Summer Carnival


The Summer Carnival Band has worked hard to produce new material every year.

“Using music for outreach is our tradition,” says band frontman and youth pastor Nathan Casey. “But we can’t confuse our culture with our mission. It’s not a type of music that’s our tradition, but using it to share the Good News. The Summer Carnival Band does what it does, because we’re actually speaking the language of the culture around us. When we use music in outreach, we ARE The Salvation Army.”

Ben is a passionate sound engineer who is the wizard behind the synth and production work for Summer Carnival: “I believe that designing and mixing sound is an art form. When sound is executed with consistency and creativity it produces an atmosphere that enhances the integrity of a story, well beyond the performance, taking the audience on a sensory and emotional journey.

Album Listing

2014   Summer Carnival 2014: Live Album
2015   Summer Carnival 2015: The Music
2016   Summer Carnival 2016: The Music
2017   Summer Carnival 2017: The Music
2018   Summer Carnival 2018: The Music (to be released)

Find their music on the Salvos Studios Website, iTunes, SoundCloud and lyric videos on YouTube