The TradeWinds series has been providing quality music to Wind and Concert Bands since 2007 and features music from James Curnow and Stephen Bulla from the USA, Peter Graham and Rob Wiffin from the UK and many others besides.  The music ranges from hymn tune settings to marches, big band style arrangements to newly published original compositions.

You can also hear and see some of the most current music available on the R Smith SATCol YouTube channel

Our music is published in three distinct categories that represent different sizes of orchestration: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze represents a basic wind ensemble with 2 flutes, 3 clarinets, Alto and Tenor Sax’s, 2 trumpets,, horns and trombones, euphonium, tuba and percussion. In addition there are non essential parts.
Silver includes more fuller orchestration with more essential parts.
Gold is for a full Symphonic Wind ensemble.

The level of difficulty for each piece is represented by a numbers from 2 – 6 that most band conductor’s will be familiar with.
There are six titles released per year.

Tradewinds can be purchased through  UK Trade