First Book of Hymn Tunes

This publication provides a wide range of sacred and holiday music that is playable by the least experienced instrumentalist.  To this end, 1st Book of Hymn Tunes is intended to supplement any established instructional method.

Once a rudimentary knowledge of playing has been taught and established, beginning brass groups will be able to perform music appropriate to accompany congregational singing (although a few melodies will be pitched somewhat lower than the accustomed singing keys – such as “Above the Rest,” “Duke Street,” “I Am So Glad,” “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Wide as the Ocean”).

As much as possible, these 30 tunes are arranged in progressive order of difficulty with the new concepts for each tune carefully noted at the bottom of the score page.

All music in this publication will sound complete with only three players. All parts are written with two staves: The top line in all parts contains the melody while the second line contains a harmony part. (Part 2 is the alto harmony, Part 3 is the bass harmony.)

First Book of Hymn Tunes can be purchased from Canadian Trade